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People Over Politics – Campaign Season
Campaign Season

Campaign Season

Campaign Season Lyrics

Lyrics: Matthew Benzion, Esq. [Mad Matter]


It’s like we’re living in a perpetual
Campaign season
And the nation’s population
Suspends all reason
When in “their candidate”
Is all the people believe in,
When voting third party
Is like committing treason

And It doesn’t even end after the election
Losers begin to plot their resurrection
Winners keep talking
Never alter the direction
And  the wrongs just committed
Never set for correction

They say one thing and then do another
We don’t notice or don’t care cause
We’re at odds with each other
But the truth is there
For the whole world to discover
Clandestinely they collaborate undercover

A silent understanding
Of how the game is played
Compromises are made
If in power they wanna stay

So constituents know
Their differences
But their similarities
Are not insignificant

First strike aggression
Indefinite detention
Huge war expenses
Drone strike offenses
Attack Iran
Pander to Israel
Ignore Palestine
Issues not trivial
Prosecute marijuana
Then assist the trade
Insurance biz gets paid
Big Pharma here to stay
Bank bailouts
And lower corporate tax rates
They’re the same

I need a ballot with names
I recognize from campaigns
Where they let independent
Candidates in the debates
Where whether I hear your ideas
Two Parties don’t dictate.
And the left right paradigm
Gets steered it straight.

Hurtful truths are heard
Where we speak uncomfortable words
Like prosecute and impeach
And then we act on ’em like verbs
Where the DOJ’s door
Doesn’t read “do not disturb”
Where the thoughts of having these things
Doesn’t sound so absurd

Where campaigning on progression is the way to win elections
Keeping the “status quo” is considered regression
Corporations can’t buy themselves the whole collection
Politicians are subject to votes of  rejection
Telling the truth is not a matter of discretion
The people’s desires
Mean something after the election.
When a candidate speaks
They mean what they say
And tomorrow stands a chance to be a better day

That’s the campaign season that I believe in
And I keep fighting for this one reason
So one day make all of this the norm
And  substance triumphs over form
And ideas win over campaign tricks
And people win over politics

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