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*NOTE – All submissions MUST include one [1] properly sized image to feature:

These should be sized 900W x 563H pixels. Posts submitted without a featured image or with an improperly sized image may receive an image created by the People Over Politics team.  In all instances, we will attempt to create an image with the content you provide, if possible.


People Over Politics contributors are granted the immediate right to submit content for publication upon website registration. When our contributors link their social-media accounts to register for website use we agree not to distribute or sell any collected information to third parties.

Website administrators reserve the rights to: revise/edit/update content, remove/delete content, and remove/block individual accounts/ip addresses at any time. Website administrators may assert these rights without notice to the contributor or content author.

Our administrative rights are focused to prevent posts that are clearly spam, full of misinformation, grammatically poor or are hard to interpret, or are otherwise deemed worthy of being filed away. Our website administrators may contact you to request revisions prior to publishing your content. We also reserve the right to contact you for follow-up content.

The focus of our website is to provide a platform for putting people over politics – and because of this we rarely discourage posting by over-utilizing our above expressed rights.

If you have a concern, are experiencing website issues, would like to dispute content revisions or removals, or would simply like to let us know how you’re doing – feel free to contact us.

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