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People Over Politics – American Injustice
American Injustice

American Injustice

Stay distracted my friends...

After the attack
we got the Patriot Act
warrantless wiretapping
became a matter of fact
and now the Constitution is barely in tact
with the enactment of the National Defense
Authorization Act
With the NDAA
they crossed a new line
Indefinite detention
the new past-time
They’ll label all opposition
an enemy combatant
make you disappear
before we know what happened
Activists and dissenters
will be seen as threats
Lock em up
throw out the key
till everyone forgets
that they warned us
there would be no warnings
no charges, no lawyers
you’re just gone in the morning
no phone calls home
no civilian courts
can’t confront your accuser
its classified, of course…

– Mad Matter, People Over Politics

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