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People Over Politics – Harvard Students Tell It Like It Is

Harvard Students Tell It Like It Is

Nick Bernabe
October 9, 2014

(TheAntiMedia) Students at Harvard University were asked whether they thought America or ISIS is a greater threat to world peace. Here are their answers.

This may seem like an odd answer for young Americans to have — especially considering the fear mongering being parroted in the corporate news media — but they are closer to the truth than you may think. A recent survey taken from 68 different countries shows the world agrees with these students, America is the biggest threat to world peace.

Image/video credit: Campus Reform

From the outside looking in, it wouldn’t be hard to see why people think this way. America has military bases in over 100 countries, spends more money on defense (offense?) than any other country, and the latest ‘Peace’ President has bombed seven countries since he’s been in office.

It’s nice to see people who have a worldly, rational outlook on foreign policy, especially when they are this young.

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