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People Over Politics – Occupy Black Friday
Occupy Black Friday

Occupy Black Friday

Join us as we Occupy Black Friday and expose the corruption that exists within the big box chains. It’s time to think local, and shop local.

This Black Friday boycott the big-box chains and makers of products that exploit individuals, animals, and the earth by utilizing our tools and resources while taking a stand for your local economy!


– – – – – is the online place to find, and get great discounts from, local businesses. You get all the benefits of shopping at local businesses (talking to real people, getting what you want now, having local customer service, keeping your neighbors employed, plowing money back into your local economy, etc.) plus you also save money. And if you think you are limited to just a few stores, the goal of our ever growing local business database is to include all local businesses with a real street address in your community.


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The Boycott Bundle

Have you ever wondered whether the money you spend ends up funding causes you oppose? Use these tools to help you avoid the products and corporations you don’t want to support, while still getting the items that you need!


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Shift Your Shopping – Local Organization Map

The Shift Your Shopping campaign engages over 160 local business organizations across the U.S. and Canada encouraging residents to take job creation and economic concerns into their own hands by strengthening their own local economies. This grassroots campaign provides a platform to highlight work done in communities across North America and provide open-source tools and resources to communities, organizations and small businesses.


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