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People Over Politics – Election Day #DuopolyExit2016
Election Day #DuopolyExit2016

Election Day #DuopolyExit2016

What better time to fight corruption, than during the most corrupt and rigged election in history?

This year’s annual March Against Corruption will commence on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 a/k/a Election Day in the United States.

Participation is easy! All you have to do is NOT vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. You can also help by educating as many American voters as you can about the corrupt two party duopoly…

Make it viral: #DuopolyExit2016

If you are organizing a local march or action, create a Facebook event page for it and share its URL/details on our wall so participants can find it.

If you are organizing a march or action, create a local event page and share it on our event wall so others can RSVP and help spread the word.

You can also help raise awareness by inviting as many friends as you can on Facebook and sharing the link on other social networks. Only you can override anti-social algorithms by liking, commenting, sharing the event and important information and posts about it.

Get involved:

Looking for an alternative to the false left right paradigm?

Learn more about Dr. Jill Stein’s plan to restore humanity and end corruption.

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